Farewell to Friends….

Friends just finished. I managed to stay relatively spoiler free beforehand- thanks to you all on my flist and NO thanks to either People magazine or the Daily Mirror- the latter of which printed a pic of the gang with the twins to illustrate in the listings.

My overall feeling on the episode as a whole is thus: meh. There were moments I laughed right out loud (One word did it: break) but the real crux of the episode was Ross and Rachel and they didn’t deal with it well. Perhaps it’s that I never cared about the R/R as much as other people, perhaps it’s that they spent a long time as not R/R and then suddenly switch back. They tried to hint at it in the last few episodes, but the writers did a piss poor job of it. The scenes between Joey and Chandler and the foozball table were excellent.

Ultimately, they were just trying too hard to make a ‘FINAL EPISODE’ when really just our normal, wonderfuel Friends would have been more than enough.

Anyway, no matter what happened in the episode, it was still the last one. As they walked out down the hall, I swear the Friends part of my heart broke. I know that people who don’t like the show don’t get it at all, but this has, for me, been part of my life for about six/seven years. A pretty big part of my life. Like Only Fools and Horses before it, Friends was something to make me feel better, something to make me remember that there are other lives out there. It was something that gave me an ‘in’ to conversations, whether school/uni/wherever. It’s called the water-cooler effect in the USA, because if you’ve seen it, the chances are you can talk about it to almost anyone. It was a way to start conversations with people I might not otherwise talk to. The “OMG, did you see Friends last night?” phenomenon.

So, after the end credits, I just sat listlessly watching the adverts, wondering if I was sad enough to remain in front of the telly for Big Brother (I hate that show), when I flicked over to BBC2… and an episode of Porridge was on.

It’s moments like this that make me feel that somebody up there likes me. I didn’t know it was on tonight, especially right after Friends. There were probably only a handful of people that could’ve cheered me up after Friends… and Ronnie Barker & Richard Beckinsale were two of them. Thank you my incarcerated darlings. 😀

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