This shit keeps me up at night.

OK, a week ago they said David Bowie was cancelling tour dates cos the poor lamb had hurt his shoulder. Fair enough.

Yesterday, they said he’d had emergency angioplasty- that’s heart surgery to me n you.

Today some media outlets are reporting that he had a heart attack on stage before said angioplasty.

David Bowie, who’s not even in the older generation of rock stars, is having heart surgery? This is the fucking horror that keeps me awake at night, I’m telling you.

Ah well… off to the cinema soon with Louise. 😀

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One Response to This shit keeps me up at night.

  1. annearchy says:

    Mate, if a heart attack could kill Robert Palmer (who was younger than Bowie, or certainly not any older IIRC), it can certainly sideline Bowie. And neither of these guys is/was overweight or anything like that, though they both probably smoke(d) like chimneys, which is the other major risk factor. Oy. Ve. *clings tightly to Bowie*

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