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Could not be more fucked off.

I don’t mind being asked to do shit around the house occasionally, I really don’t. I do fucking mind that I’m told to box up pizza when I’m trying to actually get work done and all it would require is … Continue reading

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A Question for the girls around here…

Do any of you know why long hair on blokes is cool? Seriously, I want to know what it is. I’ve always made a joke about finding long-haired blokes attractive and that it comes with the rock and roll territory… … Continue reading

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MA Project Teen Crush Questionnaire

As I’m coming ever closer to the project wire- even booked my train ticket to take it to Sunderland the other day, I thought I’d post this again: The Questionnaire is here. If you haven’t already filled it out and sent … Continue reading

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The Week So Far In A Minute And A Half.

Monday: Nothing happened. Tuesday: Met  in London. Had FABULOUS TIME in Madam Tussaud’s and then at St. Paul’s Cathedral… although it’s KNACKERING to climb all 520+ steps to the top of the dome. Fab views though. She’s a TOTAL DARLING … Continue reading

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UK Walk of Fame Opens…

Jimmy Page opens UK Walk Of Fame. It’s the second bit of news down the page. I just have one question, really: Where were the other two? Were they even invited? God love Jimmy, and so do I, but without … Continue reading

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So I might not be around a lot tomorrow, because…. I’m meeting !! Yes indeed, in less than twelve hours I should be prancing around Madam Tussaud’s with ! Am very excited to meet her, not least cos she’ll be … Continue reading

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Possibly a post of substance. But then again…

It occurs to me that I’ve not said anything meaningful in quite some time (Possibly twenty two years) and I couldn’t tell you why. I mean, it’s probably that I haven’t <i>done</i> much. Except that I’ve seen Louise’s fabulous new … Continue reading

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