Zeppelin defend Live Aid opt out.

And I needed the laugh I knew it would bring me. You jumped up musical twats. Except you’re not really and I do see your point. Still, someone involved in this particular group wasn’t bothered about letting his velvet-curtain clad self twonk about on the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert video. So the risible Innuendo cover wasn’t included, but just to look at him was to spontaneously combust with laughter. Get off your high horses, gentlemen, if only so we can have a full record of the event.

Hang on… wasn’t Phil Collins playing drums for them that day? As you were, gentlemen.

This makes me laugh:

“To show their ongoing support Jimmy and Robert have therefore pledged proceeds from their forthcoming Page and Plant DVD release to the campaign.

“John Paul Jones will be donating the proceeds of his current US tour with Mutual Admiration Society to the project.”

Yes JPJ, that dollar note will come in really handy./sarcasm.

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