A Day In The Life

Went into town today to take my Tommy DVD back (wasn’t working) which was done with ease. Bought MOJO for Cadey and posted it to her.

Then went into The Cork cos I knew Emily would be working and I wanted to see she’d got all her stuff sorted out after having her bag nicked when we were in Wetherspoons on Chalk Farm Road.

Still somewhat buzzing after last night. I realised that the two bands I saw were the first new bands I have ever seen live.

New Tommy DVD won’t work either. Apparently something to do with a TV Out port and copy protection. Have installed something called DVDIdle but it still won’t let me watch it on WinDVD. BASTARDS. Managed to get one screencap of Roger Daltrey before the WinDVD I installed bollocksed up. Removed it and went back to the version I like but it won’t work. Have given up for now.

I’m sorry, but I spent GOOD MONEY on this DVD and I’m not being allowed to watch it because CERTAIN people in CERTAIN conglomerates are scared of losing some of their profit margins through DVD copying. It’s not like they don’t make trillions a year anyway. COME ON, I paid GOOD MONEY in GOOD FAITH for something THEY don’t trust me to use. FUCK THEM. I’ve always felt vaguely guilty about downloading films even if I’ve paid to see them at the cinema, but NO MORE. These greedy bastards are really going to turn a lot of otherwise honest people to pirate copies of things. I’ve never stolen a thing in my life, man, and I don’t want to have to start now.

Still on a bit of a rock high from yesterday though.

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2 Responses to A Day In The Life

  1. cadey says:

    *bows* Thanks! I loff you muchly! 😀 >:D

    • apollarock says:

      I got your package today! I think it took longer than usual cos of the postcode- my handwriting is so bad that you put RM instead of RH. I’m an idiot and should print these things clearly!

      The important thing is that it got here and YOU ROCK


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