Just a quick question.

What brain-addled moron at the BBC decided Natasha Kaplinsky should host every single fucking television show on the BBC? She is a truly vapid, make-up smothered little bint who clearly knows little beyond being able to read an auto-cue. Who decided she was worthy of hosting anything at all, let alone BBC Breakfast and all this crap she’s on in the evenings?

Alternately, who is she shagging?

You know, I’ve never liked the insinuation that successful women must have shagged their way to their position in life, but never before have I seen someone so likely to have done just that. I mean, how else has she managed it? She’s no good.

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14 Responses to Just a quick question.

  1. lady_carrie says:

    who did they chose?

    • apollarock says:

      Being unfortunate enough to have seen the end of the Eurovision Filler Show, I can tell you that Javine will be representing us at the Eurovision Song Contest. Song sucks, but despite me never seeing ‘Katie Price’, I’m still sure it’s better than hers.

      • lady_carrie says:

        OMG ‘katie Price’ was it just me, or did she look like a man in drag?

      • apollarock says:

        I didn’t see her ‘performance’, but I did see a picture on BBC News Online later… FABULOUS pink catsuit! *vomits*

        She always looks like a man in drag, which is what most ‘glamour’ models seem to look like (I think it’s the way they always have their lipliner ten shades darker than the lipstick). Were it not for the silicon basketballs, you would wonder, wouldn’t you?

        How she and Peter Andre deserve each other.

      • lady_carrie says:


        And to think I used to have a crush on Peter Andre *hides in shame*

      • apollarock says:

        *points. laughs.*

        Was this back in the ‘glorious’ summer of 96 when all my bloody friends were doing the Mysterious Girl dance?

        Because that was evil.

      • lady_carrie says:

        I was 16, *heads desk* I’m soo sad, I even had his autograph, kill me now 🙂

        but yes the dance was evil

      • apollarock says:

        Oh, I can do worse than that- he came and turned on the christmas lights at my local shopping centre… and my idiot friends wasted an entire Thursday evening to go see him. Strangely, I found myself not caught in his fake-tan tractor beam and went to Guides instead.

      • lady_carrie says:

        lol, I once saw Dean Cain *sigh* opening a WB shop in the Metrocenter

      • apollarock says:

        That’s as low-rent as Andre switching on the crimbo lights at the Howard Centre! I didn’t think it possible.

        Mind you, I’ve spent quite a bit of money in that particular WB shop in the Metrocentre meself.

      • lady_carrie says:

        Me, too, did you know its closed down now?

      • apollarock says:

        When did that happen? I haven’t actually been to the met-roo centah for ages- it was always easier for me to get the metro to Eldon Square and the Monument from where I was.

      • lady_carrie says:

        Just before Christmas I think, I only go to the Metrocentre when I need things, today was mega buzy, but he guy at Costa Coffee give me two free choccy bunnies.

      • apollarock says:


        Me, I used to get staff discount (FIFTY PERCENT) at the Eldon Square Body Shop near Starbucks cos my friend worked there. Funny how a lot of people got Body Shop stuff for Crimbo this year… *whistles*

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