Tra la la

Am off to London tonight to stay with my granddad before my interview with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Actually, it’s a test of my verbal, non-verbal and maths skills… so I’ll do brilliantly on the first, not too bad at all on the middle and absolutely terribly on the third. Seriously, I do think that could properly screw up my chances.

Anyway, off I go. Won’t be back till tomorrow night, probably. Unless it goes truly badly and I won’t get to the second half of the day.

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9 Responses to Tra la la

  1. annearchy says:

    Good luck, Clare 🙂

  2. emberfire says:

    Good luck on your interview, Clare!!

    *crosses fingers*

  3. krisdalooney says:

    Hope your interview went/goes well!

    And you are OK right? I turn on the TV this morning to see that there have been explosions on the underground and I rememeber you once saying your granddad lived near Kings Cross (where some of the explosions are supposed to have happened)….
    Stay Safe!

  4. logansrogue says:

    Just checking to see if you’re okay. Love you so much!!!

  5. joycecohen says:

    Just let us know if you’re alright *hugs and crosses fingers*

  6. lissannej says:

    Please check in as soon as you can and let us know if you’re all right, honey *hugs*

  7. smilie117 says:

    Hope the interview went well and that you are okay! Please just reply/post or ping me on Y!M *hugs* hope to catch you well and soon >:D<

  8. angiej says:

    Oh, God, Clare… I’m here in Michigan panicking, frantically searching for Natasha’s address, your parents’ phone number, and can’t eat because I’m so worried about you and I don’t tend to panic when it comes to stuff but it’s 7 pm over there. *Please* check in ASAP… and I hope your family and friends are all okay as well. We all love you so much…

  9. mmichelle says:

    Clare, I’m sure you’re fine, but please please PLEASE check in as soon as you can, because I’m worried sick about you.

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