I should stay away from eBay…

I should not only stay away from eBay, but actively avoid buying things just because I find them hilariously funny. I feel this is a slippery slope. I bought the Thin Lizzy single ‘Wild One’ the other day (we’re talking vinyl, kiddies, the stuff music once came on), which was OK – it’s kinda rare and a song I love dearly. I also bought a copy of Kerrang! magazine that is actually an entire month older than me and probably in better condition.

But I just bought another vinyl single for the song Sarah. This was written for Sarah Lynott by her father, who loved her dearly. It’s not a bad song, but it’s like most songs by rock stars for their children – a little too sappy and specific for the rest of us to truly adore, at least from my perspective. It only cost £2.20 when I included the packaging (one pound, which better afford me some decent packaging- vinyl’s fucking delicate stuff)… but I only really bought it because the picture sleeve made me guffaw out loud like a moron.

It is not usually a good policy to buy something because it makes you laugh. Unless you’re buying DVDs of comedy programmes, obviously.

The cause of my merriment? Click under the cut, man!

This from a fucking ‘heavy metal’ band. I’ve seen less cheesy David Cassidy promotional material.

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2 Responses to I should stay away from eBay…

  1. Oh Dear God! And I thought the video was cheesy

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