Never Mind the Buzzcocks, etc

So, we got to BBC Television Centre OK, me and my mam. Met her in the queue and we turned out to be 14th and 15th in the Buzzcocks line!

And as we were lined up outside the studio proper, waiting patiently, there was a bit of a kerfuffle…

Robbie Williams turned up out of nowhere.

I was stood literally five feet away from Robbie Williams.

I didn’t shout at him.

I didn’t smack him one.

I didn’t call him a lousy fucking hypocritical wanker former ‘dancer’ for Take That from fucking Stoke.

I’m so ashamed.

Show itself wasn’t bad. Chas of ‘Chas n Dave’ fame was a guest, so I was happy, even if he did hardly say a word. In fact, the whole thing was a little subdued and took ages. Three hours, or thereabouts to do a 1/2 show. Lamarr seemed to be in a foul mood, as opposed to his usual bitter cynicism, and the audience were hardly great aside from, well, me.

Still, anything that ends up with ‘I’m not fucking Icarus!’ as a punchline can’t suck.

I still can’t believe that I was within spitting distance of Robbie fucking Williams and I’m not in a cell and he’s not in hospital. So ashamed of myself. One day, Robster, your time will come. One day.

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3 Responses to Never Mind the Buzzcocks, etc

  1. Should I become a British citizen so that I can sit on the jury on that day when you do finally rid the world of Robbie Williams–or at least punish him for his crimes against humanity?

    • apollarock says:

      I think that the judge would think it an attempt by me to pervert the course of justice.

      Besides, I have a theory that Robbie Fucking Williams will end up at the Hague to be tried for his gross crimes against humanity. His time is going to come.

      • erm… i’m quite glad you aren’t in a cell. Because that would be bad for you but also because i still quite like Robbie. Sorry

        Yay buzzcocks, when’s it being shown?

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