Good evening.

Question: Guess who just met Scott Gorham and got his autograph, complete with own name spelled correctly by aforementioned guitar hero but did not get photograph because he appeared to get bored just before it was said person’s turn?*

Answer: If you can’t guess, what the scuff are you doing on my journal?

*skips triumphantly away*

*Said person also got grinned at, winked at by aforementioned guitar hero while on stage (him not me) and also grinned at and stared at by Other Lizzy Guitar Hero, John Sykes.

I rock the world. So ner.

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3 Responses to Good evening.

  1. cadey says:

    Go you! *shakes pompoms*

  2. Scott Gorham winked at you???? when???!!! Why didn’t you tell me?!! Hee Hee!!

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