Oh, for fuck’s sake.

US-Europe Flights: Passenger Information Row. UK Exempt From Row.

So let me get this right. If I or anyone else in Europe want to grace the United States of America with our presence and the US gets its way, I’ll have all my details, including the one credit card I own and the fact I hate cheese given over to the US authorities for, if they get their way, fifty years? What will that achieve? The new J. Edgar Hoovers will be able to see what shit vintage clothes I’ve bought on eBay lately? The Count Duckula DVDs I still haven’t watched?

Now answer me these, legal people: HOW IS THAT NOT AGAINST EVERYTHING AMERICA IS MEANT TO STAND FOR! Or is it just for people who agree with the people in charge?

I can’t do anything from here. I’m in England and that means I don’t count because as we know, the American government operates in its own little vacuum where the rest of the fucking planet doesn’t count. This is why it generates 25% of the world’s pollution with a significantly smaller percentage of world population. But may I PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT I HAVE EVER HELD DEAR, INCLUDING THIN LIZZY, BEG YOU, beg you to contact your elected representatives and beg them to stop this nonsense.

If you think you’re OK there, protected by your special bits of paper: Bush and his cronies are too busy pissing on the Constitution to protect it or you, OK? They’re not interested in helping you, they’re interesting in helping themselves and their mates.

Contact your elected representatives and ask for the cunt in the White House to be impeached and then summarily removed from office. Hell, don’t bother impeaching him first- he doesn’t care about due process or the judicial cornerstones of Western democracy, why should you?

Seriously, is there anything that can be done to shake America (and indeed Britain) out of its soma-coma? PLEASE, YOU LACKLUSTRE FOOLS, DO SOMETHING!

I am this close to finally joining the Labour Party. Not to praise Blair, but to bury him. New Labour needs to be destroyed and so does whatever Bush calls his idea of politics. I know there’s some decent Republicans out there… this is no longer about a simple case of two tribes, this is about the common belief that all people are created equal, that we all have certain rights as those equal people and the fact that there are some Very Powerful People out there trying their best to put a stop to all that.

Fascism doesn’t always come neatly wrapped up in a Charlie Chaplin moustache and shiny jackboots, all right? DO SOMETHING!

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10 Responses to Oh, for fuck’s sake.

  1. elseinane says:

    Ummm DUH.

    The mid-term elections will be interesting… I hope.

    • apollarock says:

      Me too.

      And I’m aware that I’m already partly choir-preaching by the very definition of who will read this post. But I had to make it anyway, you know? If America will not protect the rights of the world, I’ll ask my American friends to protect their own.

      Love and hugs!

      • elseinane says:

        Hugs back!

        I am now going to re-watch V for solace.

      • apollarock says:

        It’s what I’m doing.

        There’s something very wrong with the world when watching your own Houses of Parliament get blown up is a form of solace.

        Still, you know me- I’m not sure it wouldn’t have done well to get blown up the first time*.

        *except it would’ve taken most of central London with it and terrorism IS a bad thing.

  2. arianaeh says:

    I’m continually dumfounded by the way my government preaches bring freedom to the world, freeing opressed people, etc. and over and over again, this adminstration denies basic civil rights not only to prisoners of wars but to their own citizens.

    I’m amazed at the way people allow themselves to be pushed around by fear tactics and that they haven’t woken up to what is being done to this country and, by the trickle down effect, to the rest of the world.

    Oh, and trust me, I vote and write letters and emails, etc. I could go on and on about this, but in reality, I’m so frustrated that I become inarticulate. But safe to say, you’re certainly not alone in what you feel.

    Oh and on the legal side? I would assume it’s either a provision of the Patriot Act or it’s more of the goodwill that the U.S. squandered post September 11th by bullying people around to giving up basic civil rights. Furthermore, the U.S. can argue that they’re demanding the information from non U.S. citizens so basically, you aren’t protected by the Constitution. I think a foreign citizen could bring suit in the U.S. though.

    • apollarock says:

      I’m so frustrated that I become inarticulate

      I’ve been there, I’ve got the t-shirt. Something has clicked in my head recently and I can’t be doing with apathy much longer.

      the U.S. can argue that they’re demanding the information from non U.S. citizens so basically, you aren’t protected by the Constitution

      Then I would immediately argue back that they’re not protected by the Constitution outside their own borders and do they mind dreadfully if I use a carpet-beater on their testicles?* And if so, why are American diplomats in London refusing to pay the Congestion Charge? If so, why is America interfering in the rest of the world.

      I know I’m preaching to the choir at this point, but this rugged isolationism has to work both ways- if the US Government doesn’t want us to play in its sandpit, it can fuck off out of everyone else’s!

      *Excellent, horrible torture scene in the first Bond novel, Casino Royale. I’m hoping it’ll be in the film cos it’s what I’d do to Daniel Fucking Craig for accepting the job. Except not really and I’m actually a peacenik. Mostly.

  3. empressov says:

    So now that you understand, want to marry me so I can get out? 🙂

  4. sugarjet03 says:

    Most days (including 4 hours canvassing today) I’m out there trying to do something, but it often leaves me more frustrated and drained than I was before I started.

    And if you want to know why the Republicans are still in control look at the newest campaign ad targeting the Congressman I was working for today. They can play on any fear or vice and more often than not, come out unscathed:

    • apollarock says:

      I know. You do good stuff.

      Unfortunately, there is this strange, strange teflon-coating the Republican party has acquired, presumably through the most American way: MONEY MONEY MONEY.

      It’s really time to stop these people. Can’t that Miller guy sue for defamation, for one thing?

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