CLARE’S THIRD (or fourth,I’ve lost count) OSCAR CHAT PARTY-ALOOZA

Hi guys, it’s that time of year again. That time of year when we all stock up on snacks, snark and opinions and ready ourselves to unleash our spite and adoration on all those deserving for another night of spangly, sequinned weeping triviality.

Yes, it’s Oscar night here on Earth! Are you ready to see Scorsese ignored for another year? Ready for the nonsense, the thrills and the long speeches by FX people you’ve never heard of?

I haven’t been around to chat much since last year, so I’d love to catch anyone who’ll be around. Dunno whether it’ll be on Y!M conference (does that have a limit on people?) or AIM like last year- any ideas?

So, I’d love to chat with you all, invite some of your pals I don’t know- they’re all welcome. Even Doris Day fans are welcome at Clare’s.

Let the wailing, bitching and sniping commence!

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3 Responses to CLARE’S THIRD (or fourth,I’ve lost count) OSCAR CHAT PARTY-ALOOZA

  1. zorb says:

    I’m definitely up for it! I don’t know if Y!M conference has limits these days or whatnot, but I’ll be around on both.

  2. smilie117 says:

    Have fun! I remember the first one you had it and it was funs! But just like last year, I have homework due tonight that I’m not done with yet so bah humbug. *wanders off for more homework-ing*

  3. arianaeh says:

    I should be there!

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