The Little Things Of Which Life Is Apparently Made

First things first:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4-7 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that “cool” or “intellectual” book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest (unless it’s too troublesome to reach and is really heavy. Then go back to step 1).

My books are all over the place at the moment due to decoration, so I went to them and held a hand out for the nearest. I ended up picking up two:

From The Celtic Book Of Living And Dying:

“One day, the bards of Ireland realized that they had forgotten the Tain Bo Cuailgne, the poem about the great cattle raid which pitted the men of Ulster against the men of Connacht. The saints of Ireland join with the poets to ask for God’s help. So he revived one of the ancient heroes, who one last time recited the adventures of the men of Ulster, the fight betwen two magic bulls, the deeds of Cuhulainn and the wiles of Queen Maeve of Connacht.”

From Philip Lynott, which is a collection of Philo’s lyrics and poems and doesn’t go as far as page 123:

“Don’t believe me if I tell you
Not a word of this is true
Don’t believe me if I tell you
Especially if I tell you that
I’m in love with you.

Don’t believe me if I tell you
That I wrote this song for you
There might be some other, silly pretty girl
I’m singing it too [sic]

Don’t believe a word
For words are only spoken
Your heart is like a promise
Made to be broken

Don’t believe a word
Words can tell lies
And lies are no comfort
When there’s tears in your eyes.

Don’t believe me if I tell you
Not a word of this is true
Don’t believe me if I tell you
Especially if I tell you
I’m in love with you.”

and just because I can, from ‘Fighting My Way Back’:

“I’m tough, rough, ready and able
To pick myself up from under this table
Don’t stick no sign on me
I got no label
I’m a little sick, unsure, unsound and unstable
But I’m fighting my way back

I’m busting out and I’m going in
Im’ kickin up about the state I’m in
Looking to my future, not my pas
I want to be a good boy but how long can it last
Fighting my way back

This kid is going to wreck and ruin
I’m not quite sure of what I’m doing, you see
It all happened a little too soon
But it’s all here in this here tune
Fighting my way back”

This surely proves that lying to oneself is a far great, deadlier crime than lying to everyone else. If only…. never mind.

Other Items of Disinterest:

The Doors are on the cover of Classic Rock this month. Last time the Old Bastard graced a magazine cover, the stupid fools at the magazine had used a black and white photo and added blue eyes for effect. Which is perfectly fine, but for one minor detail:

His eyes were brown.

I haven’t read the entire article (OMG new interviews with Manzarek, Krieger, Densmore and Botnick, they say!) but I anticipate it being much the same as ever- Father Ray bigs up the Morrison Legend while trying to appear like he isn’t, Krieger just doesn’t disagree and Drummer John is rather more scathing about the whole thing. In fact, so far, the word ‘normal’ has been invoked so many times that clearly the current Doors trend is to Paint Jim, Normal.

Please. The man was normal like I’m normal. Which is you know, not all that much, but still more normal than people assumed. He was an chronically shy alcoholic and taker of many drugs (quantity and variety both). He was actually a total Cuddly Uncle Ned’s Trio at his worst and a genius at his best. I wish they’d stop trying to analyse him, as if working out the root of Jimmy’s problems is what would bring him back.

Nothing brings him back. If dreams could do it, if wishes could do it, if shouting, screaming and sobbing could do it, I’d be drinking tea with the Old Bastard about, oh say, now-ish.

There’s nothing to be done. Nothing, that is, that doesn’t involve high-level witchcraft, satanism or heavenly bribery. So let’s stop trying to understand that which cannot be understood. I have learned one thing more than anything else in my study: The more you learn about Jim Morrison, the more you realise you don’t know him at all.

Snoreworthy decorating stuff:

I now have carpet in the front room. In fact, both the front room and the bedroom are painted, they’re newly carpeted and shiny white Venetian blinds are coming to be fitted very soon.

Very soon, it’ll all be sorted out, and it will seem as if Granddad was never here. The chair will go soon, to Uncle Fred who needs a funky electric chair far more than me. A new sofa will come along, then my desk will come in and I’ll get a chair for that. I’ll get a new wardrobe and stuff….

And it’ll be as if Granddad was never here. My dad even broke something off the mirror when he was moving it, so he wants me to chuck that out (regardless of whether it can be fixed, I haven’t looked yet). That mirror’s been in the hallway as long as I can remember through the course of my life. This morning I stared right at the wall to see if I’d brushed my hair. It took me much longer than it should’ve done to realise it was wall, not myself.

I don’t have to be told that this place was in desperately dire need of redecorating – I’m the one that’s been living here for nearly two years. I don’t have to be told that this is my home now, because I’ve been here on my own since February. But see the thing is, I have no particular desire to erase everything from the place that was his. See, I like old things, everyone knows this, so why am I being told to ‘go modern’ and all that nonsense?

This place isn’t really Clare’s, it’s Granddad’s, you see. It’s been Granddad’s for twenty-five years, and five months does not change that. Another twenty-five years might not change that. Perhaps the new paint and the new stuff don’t really make a difference at all, but one of these days I’m going to look around, and it won’t bear any resemblance to the place he knew, or I knew.

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