Someone forgot the Grecian 2000…

Looks like Jimmy can’t be bothered dyeing his hair anymore:

God love a man who can spend his career ripping off bluesmen (and women) then turn around and hate the bootleggers.

Actually, I agree with him. There’s a WORLD of difference between people sharing with their mates and those people who do it to make money. The RIAA would do well to note the difference.

I think it’s an oddly taken photo, but Jimmy looks so fucking old. OLD. Not just not-young, but old. He’s, what, five years older than Robert, but Robert still looks like, well, a golden god. Maybe it’s because Perce doesn’t stand still and one gets the distinct feeling that Jimmy has sat in a dark room collating Zeppelin stuff for the last twenty years.

It’s not about hair dye – I couldn’t care less what the not-so-dark angel looks like but… he just seems old.

Team Perce, forever!

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