Just saw Venus.

Some say Peter O’Toole should’ve got an Oscar these Academy Awards just past because he’s been robbed of them so often in the past.

Fuck that, this picture gave him a role he should’ve been given fucking immortality for. It is beautiful, real, hilarious, desperately sad, dirty and wonderful.

I love this film. Everyone should watch it. I laughed out loud and then, in all honesty, I wept like a fucking baby. Like my heart was breaking.

He was wonderful, the film was wonderful. Watch it.

Would that I was able to create and convey such a story.

The day we lose Peter is a sad fucking day.

Also, hearing Peter O’Toole say ‘cunt’ and Leslie Phillips say ‘fuck’ repeatedly brought me a strange kind of joy. God love them.

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3 Responses to Venus

  1. elseinane says:

    I now have an overwhelming desire to watch A Lion In Winter…

    • apollarock says:

      Me too! Except that there was a concert on TV earlier that featured Laurence of Arabia…..

      I think Laurence, then How To Steal A Million, then A Lion In Winter. What a weekend!

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