What’s wrong with this picture?

Picture one legendary quiz show for students on BBC2, University Challenge.

Imagine the music round: “Name the lead guitarist on this song.”

‘Whole Lotta Love’ plays.

Snotty Cambridge Type buzzes in: “Is it Jeff Plant?”

Clare dies laughing.

Snotty Oxford Type buzzes in smugly: “Is it Robert Plant?”

Clare dies of despair.

I weep, honestly weep, for the future. For that, they get the George Harrison Eyebrow o’ Doom.

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3 Responses to What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. annearchy says:

    Well, at least they got the right singer, finally, though I didn’t know Percy played guitar at all on Whole Lotta Love


    Jimmy Page, d’oh

    • apollarock says:

      The only time I KNOW The Perce has played guitar is on his cover of Louie Louie for the Wayne’s World 2 soundtrack. I’m open to correction, but aside from that, pretty much the man just posed with guitars occasionally.

      I mean, for fuck’s sake.

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