Oh my me

Numerical, I think.

1. I think I might become the new Bill Hicks. Y/N?

2. I get the feeling that actually, Bob Dylan is the greatest of bluffer-piss takers in history.

3. Stephen Fry’s documentary about HIV is breaking my heart.

4. There is a part of me that really does think putting the entire world out of my misery is a really good idea.

5. Seriously, this programme is really, really making my soul sting.

6. Dylan said after Love and Theft: “these so-called connoisseurs of Bob Dylan music…I don’t feel they know a thing, or have any inkling of who I am and what I’m about. I know they think they do, and yet it’s ludicrous, it’s humorous, and sad. That such people have spent so much of their time thinking about who? Me? Get a life, please. It’s not something any one person should do about another. You’re not serving your own life well. You’re wasting your life.”
I’m no Dylanophile, but i think he’s probably right. How do I cut myself free of the ties that bind?

7. No, honestly, I want to weep and sob and scream for these poor people with HIV/AIDS. I also want to beat the idiots who don’t look after themselves (and by extension other humans) around the head with a shillelagh.

8. Mind you, I’ve eaten at the restaurant he’s doing an interview with an expert at.

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