Back from Pula

It turns out that I really, really like Pula and the rest of what I saw of Istria.

However, my dislike of pretty much any food that comes from the sea hampered my ability to find food to eat… one really really great restaurant in Rovinj had a menu 95% seafood. Which made sense, given that said restaurant is built on a cliff in the old town… but I was reminded that I really don’t like fish or prawns.

Brijuni was v. cool, but the safari park was just… wrong. There are zebra and antelope, and that’s all good cos they seem to have a fair amount of space, but there are two elephants and they’re kept in a really, really small enclosure. The guide said they’ve failed to mate, and it’s like “no shit, sherlock!” Then we were taken past the now-abandoned lions-tigers-bears-oh-my section of the zoo, which were very small concrete areas – like London Zoo sixty years ago.

I found the subtly-adoring way they talked about Tito a little distasteful. I get why, but the man still held together warring people by oppression.

The Roman amphitheatre in Pula is SO MUCH BETTER than the pile of rubble in Rome. The arena floor is still extant and you can go underneath and see where the gladiators and bears and stuff would’ve been. Smaller, but so much cooler.

Also, I really, really, really wish that Granddad was there too.

Anyway, I’m tired. Hope you’re all good.

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