Anybody here know anything about growing roses?

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5 Responses to QUESTION!!

  1. sarahkitty says:

    Google is your friend. 🙂 Here’s a site that I found right off the bat:

    Happy growing!

  2. Flower end up. Root end down.

    That’s the extent of my knowledge.

  3. likebunnies says:

    My dad and I both tried to grow roses for the longest time but we couldn’t fight off the aphids. That and it’s ridiculously hot here.

  4. windtear says:

    Sure, what do you want to know?

    To start off with:
    – There are certain varieties that do better in pots than others, so if being kept indoors, get one that does well in pots.
    – use a clay-based potting mix or plant in a spot that has clay, roses love clay. For fertilizers, fish-based ones work best. You can buy specific rose fertilizers, or bury your dead goldfish in your rose bed, whichever is easiest.
    – if you want the blooms specifically, tea roses tend to have more flowers, with two to three buds per branch at least. Tea roses also tend to bloom year-round.
    – it’s very hard to actually kill a rosebush. Not to say it can’t be done, but if you don’t plant it directly beneath the drainpipe, your cat doesn’t eat every bloody leaf the poor thing sprouts (Kashira and Midnight both think roses are OMG better than catnip, the furry bastards), it doesn’t get doused with red ant poison, and you water it regularly, it will grow. And grow. And grow….

    Anything else you’d like to know?

    • apollarock says:


      They’ll be in pots, but in my yard… I want to get the Dublin Bay climber because of the name and the colour, but I wonder if it’ll get too big…

      Also the problem around here, being right in the centre of London, is fucking pigeons and stuff like that. I just really love the idea of having my own slightly wild rose garden right in Central London, you know? My yard is bare but for an olive tree right now.

      The places I’m looking at also sell the sulphur rose stuff and the rosefood type stuff. It’s just that each different website I find seems to give slightly different information.

      I think, given that I’m getting towards the end of the buying season, I’ll just buy a couple I like and hope for the best!

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