Happy Boys, Happy

I had a strange feeling yesterday. I think it was joy, but I can’t be sure because it’s not something I deal with on a regular basis. It was definitely a sort of light and joyful feeling, and it was brought on by one small, simple, very old thing.

A man just made a simple request: return to me.

OK, so it was Dean Martin and he was singing. It was just a song. In my world, I guess there aren’t ‘just songs’. There are the ones that make my head spin, the songs that make my heart sing, the songs that make my feet move, the songs that break my heart, the songs that make me feel whole. Then there are the songs that make me happy. Uncomplicated, happy. There aren’t many in comparison to the previous categories, but they do exist. Funnily enough, Dean Martin sings most of them. Even when Dino sings heartrending songs, they make me feel happy. If Jim is the voice in my conscience, Philip is the voice in my soul, then Dean must certainly be the voice in my heart.

To me, Dean Martin’s voice is the aural equivalent of a well-loved teddy bear. It’s something to hug, something which means a great deal because it’s been with me such a long time, something which is only good and which has only inspired smiles.

I’m not going to go on about it, I’m just going to ask you all one question: what’s the music that makes you happy?

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