Che: Part Two

I’ve just got back from finally seeing Che: Part Two and man…

The place wasn’t full, but there were plenty of people and not a one of them moved from their seats at the end. Nobody moved and nobody spoke until the first bit of the credits had rolled and we were left only with the technical stuff. More than that, nobody spoke as we were leaving. I have never had such an experience. I’ve seen some moving films, some important films, some sad films and I have never seen such a thing. There’s always someone that leaves immediately, always someone who starts chattering about the film before the above-the-title names roll on the screen.

I can’t tell you that I liked Part Two better than Part One, but then the first film is about reaching a victory and Part Two is all about reaching ultimate failure. I can’t imagine anyone in the room wasn’t expecting anything but Che dead by the end of the film.

There’s really something wrong in the world as it is now, and he knew that. I can’t tell you that I agree with everything Guevara ever thought or said or did, because I think peaceful revolution is not only possible but longer lasting… but I admire greatly what he wanted to achieve and why. This wasn’t a dumb guy, after all.

There’s really something wrong in the world right now, and I don’t think there’s anyone that thinks we can do anything about it. Not even that Obama fellow, who I rather suspect does have some skeletons we don’t know about and has certainly had some questionable friends down the line. Anyway, the revolutionary spirit, the sense that we  can and should do something about the world in which we live, has been smushed down. I really think so, Nuremberg-style rallies in Washington and higher voter turnout there included. But what can be done? I certainly can’t do anything about it on my own from here. I mean, nobody reads this journal do they? I can’t persuade anyone of anything that they don’t already want to think.

However, remember one important thing: All the beautiful things in our world from diamonds to roses, are less beautiful for every person who is not free… and that’s most of us.

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