My Latest Wheeze

Proof of my mercurial nature: I read one post on a forum about true self-publishing and my ridiculous brain took itself away into a fairy-lairy land where I am the Mighty Publisher and Great Creator all in one.

Of course, self-publishing would solve the big problem of: who the fuck would want to publish my books other than me. It doesn’t solve the PLEASE JUST FUCKING FINISH SOMETHING problem, of course…

I got into my head the idea that I could not just publish my own stuff, but the work of people here, people who maybe don’t have the driving ambition to GO OUT THERE AND PUSH THINGS, because I know that feeling all too well. What I would want to do is EMPOWER writers and creators by giving them absolute control of their work, you know? I know how passionately I feel about my stuff and my characters and the deepest desire to retain control of them. I always feel deeply sorry for McCartney when I think that he doesn’t own his Beatles babies, and we all know how little I can tolerate Thumbs-Up these days.

Of course, any such business-type endeavour by me would fail because I don’t GO OUT THERE AND PUSH THINGS. I have no drive. I also have no sense of the real world so am surely doomed to fail as soon as I get anywhere near the financial/business side of anything.

But, if anyone wants to go in with me, I already have a name for my publishing company and an imagination twice the size of Texas. If you have DRIVE and AMBITION and SENSE, then you’re definitely welcome.

Besides, from what I read in Private Eye, traditional publishing is getting itself more fucked day by day.

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