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Every now and then the police arrest somebody suspected of some terrible, violent crime, and as a piece of public relations they’ll announce all of the horrible books, movies and/or CDs they found in the suspect’s house, as if to prove that the suspect is obviously guilty and horrible and monstrous.

So here is my challenge to you. You can either do this from memory or take a moment to look through your book and music collections, and then answer this question:

Name ten books, CDs and/or movies that you own that the police would cite as evidence against you at their press conference.

I don’t know that I have anything that would specifically scream ‘psycho’ or anything… but they’d shurely pause when they see almost everything ever published about Jim Morrison and John Lennon nestled alongside a book called Necropolis about London’s dead through the centuries and Guerilla Warfare, Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War and The Bolivian Diaries by Ernesto Guevara… although two of those have the movie tie-in covers so they’d maybe decide I wasn’t necessarily a raging Commie or freak.

Actually, that’s total bollocks, isn’t it? They’d take one look at my flat, smothered in photographs of movie stars, posters of movies, pictures of musicians, the hundreds of DVDs, CDs, records and books, the hundreds of back issues of Empire, MOJO, Q and Vanity Fair and realise that I have like, no friends or social life and without having anything specifically ‘out there’ necessarily, they would call me a ‘loner’ and ‘obsessive fan’ or some such. Where Charlotte Charles is the ‘lonely tourist’ I would no doubt be tagged with something else as pejorative and limited. The fact that ONTD is in my Most Visited on Firefox wouldn’t help. I have no doubt that this blog would itself be used as evidence against me in such a situation – I believe I’ve called for all out revolution a few times alongside my many long and winding posts about *insert dead person here*.

So no, I can’t name ten books, CDs and/or movies that they’d cite as evidence, because what would get me is the whole thing. For the good of all fans everywhere (even the mentalists in the SPN fandom), I must avoid going postal.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I could hardly listen to George for five years after he died

    After his death nearly 12 years ago, my mom is just starting to get over denial and start the grieving process over her favorite singer. I went to her house the other day and she was watching a concert of his on TV and weeping. She couldn’t listen to him or talk about him at all in all these years. If I mentioned him, she’d cry. So I do understand how people feel when their favorite artist dies. It’s like losing someone who was a part of your life because they are really a big part of many of our lives.

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