Just something I wrote while I was in Florence the other week and wanted to share with you or just to save somewhere. Honest opinions are always welcome…


Oh, absolute beauty!
Shine down through the ages
Never fade and never corrode
How easy you are to love
To see your triumphant face once more
Is bright sunshine after harsh winter
I was not the first of your admirers
And will not be your final win
In your presence I am renewed
As though I had never loved before
Ageless wonder, unreachable
Beloved of the mighty, unteachable
Smooth-cheeked perfection, almost
Apollonian light, Dionysian charm
Tousled haried youth of dreams
A face to last to the end of time.

CW, 22nd March 2010, after re-encountering Antinous at the Uffizi

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Antinous ritual

    I participated in a ritual to Antinous a few months back. Lovely ritual, with good background information, and now I understand your poem.

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