100 Awesome Things – Part 23

I started on this challenge in Spring and wanted to get a final post in before the Year of Suck ends. And then I didn't.

This has been a fascinating experience so far. So often I sit down with a specific video or theme in nind and almost always end up going in a different direction, sometimes even choosing a different video.

This time may be the same. I don't know yet. I've had this particular post in mind for awhile but the chosen video has changed each time I considered it.

I don't think I'm going to say much this time.

Twenty-seven years ago yesterday, Philip Lynott died. I've had this blog over a decade now and I've probably run out of things to say in my doomed-to-fall attempts to express what is in my heart about Philo's life, death and the life we've lived without him.

I thought about posting the video for "Old Town", in which the King of Dublin walks amongst his subjects.

Then I thought about posting the video for "King's Call" which is about the death of Presley. It felt appropriate to use a song about the death of hero to illustrate the death of the writer, my own hero, how he appeared to feel about his subject the way I felt and feel about him. But that was a downer and I really try not to associate too much pain with Philo. It's not good for me.

Indeed, I use anniversaries in an attempt to get on with life during the rest of the year. Otherwise I might just crumble under the weight of so many varied griefs.

So, no downer. Have a link to a documentary about him, if you want more info.

Then I got to thinking about Philo's particular strengths. You couldn't call him the greatest bass player in the world, but I like his work, and how his starry side means the bass is often prominent in Lizzy songs. I thought about his abilities with language, especially rhyming (Around/Town in "Jailbreak" notwithstanding).

There's one thing I think Philo truly excelled at, and that's writing rock songs about rock music. "The Boys Are Back In Town" qualifies for this in one of its interpretations. "Don't Believe A Word" is in my opinion the most perfect song about rock music, but I've already told you that.

I mean, who else lived that life as whole-heartedly, full-throatedly, all-encompassingly as Philip Lynott, the man who was even a rock star when he was brushing his teeth, as his wife said? Who else has embraced the highs, lows and contradictions of that life as much as family man/lothario, romantic/hard man Philip Lynott? There's precious few people in that club, and maybe only Keith Richards is alive to tell the tale. (Membership of club, like so much in rock is up for argument.)

And so, I leave you with nothing more than the video I've picked. The song is a solo B-Side from 1981. I bought a copy of the German 45rpm just for this song. I love it for possessing a cool bassline and being another example of Philo's ability to put into words how 'rock star' works. More importantly, for how it doesn't..

Maybe a downer after all. Then again, he's been dead 27 years so finding an up-side is tough. A downer or just an honest (for once, from him) examination? Discuss.


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2 Responses to 100 Awesome Things – Part 23

  1. annearchy says:

    I’ve put your list in my memories. Thanks for all the links 🙂

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